This book is a complete guide for understanding cash flow in today’s firm. It not only explains the relationships between cash activity, investment, and earnings, but outlines how to build cash flow reporting and the related financial analysis.

Although cash flow is not a revolutionary concept in corporate finance, cash-based analysis is frequently unavailable in today’s firm. It is nearly always assumed that financial professionals fully understand cash flow and that meaningful cash-related data is easily decipherable in financial reporting. But in reality, there is a persistent information gap in corporate finance that hinders the validity of that assumption.

ACTUAL CASH FLOW fills that void, introducing a powerful methodology for financial managers to report and analyze cash flow.

Specific topics include:

  • Why cash flow is important to firm profitability and value
  • The difficulties of analyzing cash flow in traditional financial reporting
  • Components and functionality of cash flow within the firm
  • Cash flow structures behind complex financial transactions; including leasing, securitizations, and pensions
  • Multinational and cross-border cash flows
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • A practical introduction to the Actual Cash Flow system
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